Most of your questions should be answerable from within the website pages. For your convenience, here are some of the most frequent enquiries we receive:



Can the Hunts be used anywhere?


All of our hunts are very versatile and pretty much any location is suitable. Inside or outside, all you need is an area where you can pin or hide the 8 - 12 clues included in the hunt, which the hunters will then search for and try to solve.


How do I judge the age group I require?


When deciding on the age group to choose, think about whether you want the clues to be a greater or lesser challenge to the hunters. For example, if you have a party for 10 year olds, and they are up for a challenge - choose the 10 - 14 hunt if available, remembering that with more challenging clues may require some help from you as they try to solve the clues!


How big should the area of the hunt be?


The choice is completely yours. The size of the area of the hunt will determine how much time the hunters will need in order to locate the clues.


How long does it take to set the hunt up?


After printing the hunts, it should take no more than 10 minutes to set the hunt up.


What else do I need to supply?


Not a lot! Some pins/sticky tape to stick clues to walls, trees, fences, doors and a reward that acts as the Treasure at the end.


What is the 'Treasure'?


All of the hunts have a 'finish' - generally a final clue that completes the hunt. When the hunters have discovered and solved this final clue, the 'Treasure' will be a prize that you award them. You can also hide this as a final hunt for afterwards.


What do I get in the Treasure hunt?


Hunts contain all or most of the following : Full instructions, Checklist for running the Hunt, Clues, Solutions, Hunter Answer Sheets, Map (where relevant), Storyline and Introduction


How long does the Treasure Hunt last?


The beauty of our hunts is that they are quite flexible. Generally the only factor you should consider are the hunters themselves who will have an interest time span! You can vary the length of the hunt considerably by being more devious in terms of hiding the clues - over a greater area or simply make the clues more difficult to find (e.g. hide behind a door instead of in front of it). For longer hunts, you can also choose a higher hunt age group to make the clues more challenging. We recommend  25 - 40 minutes as a reasonable time for the hunt.


What payment methods can I use?


We use Paypal, NoChex and are happy to receive payment by cheque. Please make cheques payable to Mrs L Johnson.


How long does it take for the hunt to arrive?


Generally, all orders are emailed or posted within 24 hours. If this is not likely to be the case, we will email you giving a committed date.


What is the 'Party Planner Package' (PPP)?


Many of our children's hunts contain a PPP completely free of charge. The PPP is themed to the hunt you will have bought and contains numerous ideas for food, drink, costumes, games and decoration.


I can't see the theme I want!


We are happy to create any theme of your choosing. See this page for more details. Personalized and Own Themed Hunts


What format do the Hunts come in?


When you buy a hunt from us you choose whether you would like us to send the hunt to you, ready to run in the post - or via email as an attachment. The attachments are sent in two formats to ensure you are able to print them - MS Word and PDF. Generally PDF files will be of better quality.


What is the cost?


Our hunts start at 10 (Ten UK Pounds) - the price for the majority of the hunts. If we post the hunt than we charge an additional fee for printing and postage.


Where can I Download Adobe Acrobat to enable me to read and print PDF files?


If you need to download Adobe Acrobat in order to read the PDF file, then please use the following link:

To contact us:

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